Never Underestimate Your Impact

Yesterday I was invited to speak to a class of content marketers at Centennial College here in Toronto. A really interesting, bright group who had plenty of questions about the lecture topic – podcasting! I launched The New Leader podcast in the fall of 2018, so it was fun fielding comments/questions about my experience thus far. I even had the pleasure of hearing fellow guest speaker, award-winning podcaster Edwin Frondozo (Business Leadership Podcast) share lessons from his 100+ episode journey.

It was a good reminder to never underestimate the impact you can have. There are always people who can benefit from your experience, knowledge, insights, etc. I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity by professor Mo Dezyanian to join his class. We are usually caught up in the busy, day-to-day narratives of our own lives, rarely stopping to think about where we can truly add value.

I challenge you to consider the following questions this week:

  • What can I share that may help another person’s condition?
  • Where can I help others that I my not have considered before (workplace, schools, non-profits, community groups, etc)
  • Who can I help (family, friends, colleagues)?


Be great,

Never Underestimate Your Impact

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Never Underestimate Your Impact

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